A Scotsman and American girl bike from Alaska to Argentina to raise awareness and funds for poverty relief through education.


Megan Wycklendt

Megan is proud to call her home Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, USA. While most of her life has been spent in the Cheese State, at age 10 she moved to Monterrey, Mexico for a few years and has since been fascinated by different cultures. Having traveled over 30 countries, Megan loves adventure and finding new challenges. She has been dreaming of this Pan-American journey for nearly 8 years and cannot wait to be on the road. To prepare, she has been long-distance biking in her homeland and raced on a cycling team to learn everything from how to fix bikes to bike safety.

With a life motto, “Lo bailado, nadie te lo quita” (Nobody can take from you what you’ve danced), Megan collects memories and learns through experience. She has a Masters in School Counseling from the University of Wisconsin, Whitewater, teaches yoga, breathing, and meditation as an Art of Living teacher, is a science journalist for Fulfillment Daily and program leader for the NGO, Operation Groundswell.


Gordon Dunlop

Gordon hails from the west coast of Scotland and despite living, working and travelling in a number of different countries, he still sees his hometown of Largs as one of the most beautiful places on earth! Before Bikeliving he lived and worked in Sydney, Australia for 2 years and currently works for the NGO, Operation Groundswell.

His passion for travel, fueled by a year of volunteering and travelling in South America in 2011, Gordon is fulfilling a long-held ambition to cycle the Americas and is excited by the experiences and opportunities they will encounter en route.

Our Story

Gordon and Megan met while volunteering with a local Peruvian NGO, Pisco Sin Fronteras, in 2011. They both share a passion for travel, adventure, embracing foreign cultures, and supporting causes for positive change in the world. During their encounter in Peru, they talked a lot about a shared dream to cycle the Americas from Alaska to the southern-most tip of Argentina, and for the last three years they have been planning this journey from opposite sides of the world, with Gordon in Sydney, Austrailia, and Megan in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. What would we do without skype?! This dream has been coming to fruition as they are due to turn it into reality in August 2015 when they set off from Anchorage, Alaska!

Gordon and Megan currently both work for a wonderful non-profit organization, Operation Groundswell, that offers travel and community service experiences around the world. They aim to build a community of "backpacktivists" that are socially, environmentally and politically aware of their impact in the communities they travel to and live in. We've been extensively trained on how to ethically travel and volunteer to not cause more harm than good by our presence in foreign communities, and we consistently reflect on our beliefs and actions. Gordon and Megan will be leading travel and service learning programs in Peru from May until August and from there will dedicate the next couple years of their lives to cycling the Americas. Although this journey is not formally connected with Operation Groundswell, they will use everything they have learned from their work with OG in their interactions along the Americas.